Development of a Behavior Based System (BBS) - Behavioral Observation.

In conjunction with a renowned law firm, a program for the control of labor, administrative and civil processes was created, as well as a database for the control of claims in stores..

In addition to the website were developed numerous tools such as Online Booking, Online Quotation, Email Marketing Triggers, Customer Boletus Sending System, Ship Tracking linked with Google Maps, among others.

Creation and maintenance of a large number of tools, such as CRM for sales and corporate finance, Event CRM, Site administration program, Invoice payment system, Card payment system and Event boletus, tracking ships by port, sales forms, tabulated surveys, among others.

Created an online store for sale and rental of products. The store is self-managing, ie the customer himself can place and remove the products according to their inventory, and control: delivery rate, customers, cash flow, inventory.

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